our Story

Our founder Bill Ovchinnikov, as a youth, was working as a carpenter for a company that performed building exterior rehabilitation. After cutting open multiple buildings, coming home covered in insulation, sheetrock, and crumbling exterior sheathing, he thought, he could run the operation more efficiently. Soon after, Pacific Construction Solutions was born. In the beginning, he quickly realized that there is much more to running a construction outfit than just doing the work. So, the next step he took proved to be valuable. Bill put his dreams of owning an incredible company on hold to further develop his skills. He took a job as a supervisor at a multi-million-dollar commercial exterior contracting firm. This is where he really developed the necessary quality control, managerial, and organization skills that would propel his dreams. After 2 years of running commercial jobs, he continued to pursue his renewed vision, a company that treats employees, clients, and everyone with respect and dignity. This is when the win-win culture of quality, professionalism, transparency, and most important integrity was born.

Mission and Vision

Now Pacific Construction Solutions is run out of the Woodburn location where there is a holding yard, shop, and office space. We employ up to 30 installers depending on the quantity and size of projects. Every week we have team meetings with our management to focus on how we can add more value and further serve our clients. There is a constant push to continue to grow and excel. In Bill's office next to a photo of his family, and life goals is a mission statement that reads “how to create a healthy culture, that exceeds our client’s expectations while creating financial independence for our members and transforming our community.”

the team

Bill Ovchinnikov
Aimee Wiley
Antoni Tipikin
Lead Estimator
Alex Ovchinnikov
Sr. Project Manager
Russell Foster
Account manager
Karl Afonin
David Molodyh
Dia Kuznetsov


Does your home or building need a uplift on the exterior for better protection or for a update in looks?
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Phone: (971) 432-7900

Email: info@pacificconstruction.us

Address: 1595 NE Laurel Avenue, Woodburn OR
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